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Dee-ya’s Playground

When creating a children’s app, everybody tends to focus on the child; that's wonderful! But what about the parents? The folks at Deeya’s Playground have put a different spin on the same concept. We want to focus on the parents first and then the child. At Deeya’s Playground we truly believe that if the parents are happy and less stressed out, then the child will grow up to be happy, healthy, and smart.

This app was designed by “Deeya’s Playground” in conjunction with “RCI” who is a leading provider of autism applications in the US.



Our Apps are designed to keep your child busy for as long as it takes to complete your immediate tasks while ensuring that your child learns something in the process. Our apps are intended to supplement your child's educational needs in a fun and interactive way; they are not however design to replace them.

Core Features

1. Feature

Your child's achievements can be monitored in app

2. Feature

Game format app is designed to engage your child and “make learning fun”

3. Feature

Tracking your child's progress for every problem attempted helps pin point areas of focus for your child


4. Feature

Your Child will be able to CONTINUE LEARNING ANYWHERE!

5. Feature

You, as a parent, will be able to directly track your child’s progress providing a basis for increased parent‐teacher communication and coordination

Reason to make Puzzle-it-Out


As parents, we realized that when attempting to complete some mundane tasks around house, our toddler would get bored and simply stick to us like glue! In order to distract her while we worked, we would hand her our smart phone or tablet with an age appropriate game or video. We hoped that she was learning something from this game or video. But the "good apps" always have ads which she always seemed to click on and then annoy us to get her back to the game. Or, they were too expensive and she would get bored of them right away and we would feel like "what a waste!"

About Dee-ya's Playground

We are working parents, and we saw that there is a need to provide our child with a fun and interactive way to learn while we perform the day to day house hold chores such as wash dishes, cook, clean the house or check the mail.

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